3 Benefits of Buying a Rebuilt Transmission

Why Should You Choose a Rebuilt Transmission?

When a transmission stops working, it often requires a complete replacement. However, this doesn’t mean you have to buy a brand-new one. In many instances, a transmission rebuild—which involves taking the system apart, thoroughly inspecting it, and replacing all worn and damaged parts with new ones—is more advantageous. Below are the biggest reasons why.

1. Save Money

Having to replace your transmission won’t be cheap no matter what option you choose, but you can save significantly by choosing to buy a transmission rebuild over a brand-new model. To make these systems more affordable, technicians usually replace the parts that are damaged beyond repair with those that have been recycled and re-purposed. Although the price can vary from one shop to the next, it’s normal for a rebuild to cut the cost by up to half.

2. Get Your Car Back Quicker

When a vehicle is brought in for a transmission rebuild, work can typically begin straight away, and the car will be back on the road in as little as three or four days. Conversely, a transmission replacement can take multiple weeks to complete as the shop has to locate and order a matching system and wait on it to be shipped before finally installing it.

3. Help the Environment

Rebuilding a transmission prevents waste by ensuring all the remaining working parts aren’t thrown out. Instead, the damaged parts are replaced with reconditioned ones. Using recycled parts prevents the production of newly manufactured metals, which require a great deal of energy to create.

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