4 Major Differences Between Automatic vs. Manual Transmissions

While many manual transmission vehicles are preferred in other countries like Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America, most drivers in the U.S. and Canada drive automatic transmissions. If you're looking to buy a new car or just wondering what makes these two so different, read on. 

We will break down the differences between automatic and manual transmissions into four categories: driving, performance, fuel economy, and cost.

  • Driving - This is the most noticeable difference between the two types. Manual drivers use a shift stick and clutch pedal to shift gears based on the vehicle's speed. In contrast, automatic transmission cars do not have those components. Hence, automatic drivers do not constantly shift gears, making it simpler to drive.
  • Performance - In the past, manual transmission gives the driver more control, power, and acceleration. However, today's technology has bridged the gap between the two types of vehicles in terms of performance.
  • Fuel Economy - Historically, manual transmission vehicles rev less and use less gasoline. Typically, you can see a 2-4 MPG difference in a manual versus its automatic counterparts. 
  • Cost - In most cases, manual automobiles cost less than the same model with an automatic. They are also less costly to maintain over time. While this makes manual transmission more attractive, you may compromise by learning to drive a stick. Manual cars may also require different types of auto services, such as clutch repairs and replacement.  

Automatic or manual, both have their pros and cons. At Transmission Hero, we proudly service both types of transmissions. If you're searching for dependable auto repairs, look no further than our Orange Park auto repair shop.

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