4 Signs That Indicate You Need a Tune-Up

If your car simply doesn't seem normal, odds are you're overdue for a tune-up. Tune-up is a vague terminology in the automotive repair business because it can include a wide range of services. It can also vary from car to car, depending on its current needs. Sometimes scheduled maintenance isn't enough, and the services that go beyond the manufacturer's guidelines are usually included in the tune-up.

Tune-ups refer to any type of minor maintenance demanded by a vehicle to ensure it runs correctly. Below are some of the services that may be included in a tune-up:

  • Replacing air and fuel filters
  • Changing out spark plugs
  • Checking belts and hoses
  • Cleaning the fuel system
  • Flushing fluids
  • & More.

Signs That Mean Your Car Needs a Tune-up

  • Drop-in fuel efficiency - If you can't seem to put a finger on why your mileage has dropped, you should take your car to the auto repair shop. There are many things that can affect your mileage, including a wide range of mechanical problems. 
  • Rough idling - If your car makes unusual noises or behaves abnormally at stops or when parked, you should have it checked out. This can be very unsafe, and you run the risk of completely shutting your car off in the middle of a drive.
  • Trouble starting car - Your engine should start seamlessly with the turn of a key (or push of a button). If you are welcomed with a repetitive cranking sound, then you definitely need a tune-up.
  • Overall poor performance - Whether you drive a new or old vehicle, your vehicle should have no problems catching up to speed. Poor engine performance is an obvious sign that your car needs service. 

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