5 Driving Tips for Older Drivers

Driving can become more of a challenge as you get older. Aging comes with a number of health problems like worse eyesight or lower reaction time. We've compiled several safe driving tips for seniors below, and we'd love it if you shared them with your loved ones.

Stay physically active

It's vital as we age to stay in good physical shape. Exercising can improve your strength and flexibility as you age. As a result, it can enhance driver safety by making it less strenuous to turn the steering wheel, look over your shoulder to change lanes, and do other necessary driving movements. Walking is an excellent choice, no matter what age you are.  

Schedule regular vision and hearing tests

Our senses, such as hearing and vision, also tend to weaken with age. Impaired hearing can be a big problem for older drivers by limiting hearing an approaching emergency vehicle or train. Vision problems, such as cataracts, glaucoma, and more, can make it tough to see clearly or drive at night. That's why it's essential to get your eyes and ears checked regularly to ensure you get the necessary glasses, hearing aids, medication, or other resources you need.

Read and understand medications

Many drugs can have severe side effects. To ensure you're safe, please read your medication labels carefully. Do not drive if you've taken medication that causes drowsiness or dizziness. 

Drive in good conditions

Seniors should drive during the daytime, in good weather, and on noncongested roads to avoid safety hazards. If visibility is reduced, consider delaying your trip or rerouting.

Refresh your driving knowledge

Many places, including the DMV or a community education program, offer a refresher course for senior drivers. If you are constantly confused while driving, it might be time to get back to class. 


Last but not least, older drivers should keep up with their maintenance to ensure they're operating a safe vehicle. At Transmission Hero, we have trained technicians who will always prioritize your safety. If you need auto repairs in Orange Park, FL, please call or visit our shop soon.

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