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Why Is My Car Shaking or Vibrating Whenever I Brake?

Why Is My Car Shaking or Vibrating Whenever I Brake?

If you feel your vehicle vibrating during braking, or if you can't stop in a reasonable amount of time as you used to, it may be time to take your car to our auto repair shop for a brake check. Most vehicles today have disc brakes, so there's a high chance that you'll find yourself needing brake service at some point in the vehicle's lifetime.   Disc brakes work hand-in-hand with a metal disc (referred to as a brake rotor). If there are any vibrations or instability in disc brake systems, it is usually due to an uneven surface of the rotor.   To fix uneven rotors, you will need to have them resurfaced or turned, or replaced. Resurfacing brakes simply means sanding them to be straight again. However, newer vehicles are using thinner rotors than before, so shaving the metal off them isn't the best option. In that case, replacing them is better for your car.   In most situations, it would be wise to change out your brake pads when replacing the rot ... read more

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