How Does Driving Wear Out the Clutch Faster?

If you drive a manual transmission vehicle, you know that the clutch is one of the most sensitive and important pieces of equipment. While it will naturally wear out over time like other car parts, some habits can also decrease performance, shorten its life, and require frequent manual transmission repair. Here's a closer look at what to avoid behind the wheel if you want to avoid extra expenses and hassles.

1. Keeping Your Foot on the Clutch

If you are always keeping your foot on the clutch, even it's just to rest it there, the pressure can put unnecessary strain on the gear assembly, leading to more frequent manual transmission repair. The pedal should be either pressed all the way down to the bottom or left completely untouched when not using it.

2. Resting Your Hand on the Gearshift

A lot of drivers like the sense of control that comes with resting their hands on the gearshift while in motion. Unfortunately, this can place pressure on the gear forks, causing a disruption in the rotation of the rotating clutch collar. Wearing down these delicate parts can quickly turn into an expensive repair.

3. Engaging the Clutch on a Hill

Using the clutch and rolling backward while waiting on an incline can put excessive strain on the clutch and gearbox. Instead, use your parking brake to keep the car still while you engage the clutch and put the vehicle into gear.

4. Accelerating Rapidly from a Stop

It might give you a moment of excitement, but it's not wise or safe to take off at full speed once a light turns green. Peeling out from a stoplight will put your clutch through a lot of stress as the system is forced into a high rpm. Instead, pull away gently and shift up naturally as you increase speed.

Remembering these tips may help you avoid needing a clutch or transmission replacement, however, if your vehicle does need a manual transmission repair to fix a slipped clutch, turn to Transmission Hero. We have been serving the Clay/Duval Area since 1980 and can provide transmission maintenance, repair, and rebuilds. Our team uses the latest diagnostic equipment to identify problems and resolve them quickly and efficiently. For more details about their Clutch replacements and transmission repairs, click here to set up an appointment to bring your vehicle in for a checkup.



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