The Different Types of Transmission Fixes

Your transmission is the part of your vehicle that transfers the power from the motor to your wheels. Like other parts in your automobile, your transmission also requires routine maintenance to perform optimally. While there are various ways your transmission can signal for help, the main symptoms are warning lights, fluid leaks, and a burning carpet scent. If you regard any of these signs, please immediately take your car or truck to the auto shop. The primary operations that can take place at the auto shop to fix your transmission include repair, replacement, and rebuild.


Transmission Repair

A transmission repair is usually the least expensive fix of the three. Repairs are to fix more minor mishaps with the transmission. This type of service includes restoring specific components, various modifications, and resealing. Transmission repairs donot require the system to be reassembled completely. Your mechanic will evaluate the existing condition of your truck's transmission when you take it in for service.


Transmission Replacement

As you guess, a transmission replacement is more expensive than a simple repair, but it is recommended for transmissions with more severe impairments. It usually includes removing the damaged part and adding a new transmission. 


Transmission Rebuild

A transmission rebuild is the best solution for defective transmissions that have some salvageable pieces. During this operation, the transmission is taken out, and your mechanic will only replace the broken parts. Then, the transmission is reassembled and put back into the vehicle. 


Transmission work is highly complex and challenging, and it is wise to leave this task to automobile experts to avoid additional damage or injuries. However, you should confront the issue as soon as you notice it. Procrastinating transmission issues could lead to further damage.


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