Want to avoid Transmission Repairs, read on for a few tips from the professionals at Transmission Hero!

Transmission repairs won't just leave you with a lighter wallet, they'll leave you without a ride when you need it the most. Transmission Hero of Orange Park, FL will keep you on the road with the best in transmission maintenance and more. They service transmission problems every single day —including manual, semi-automatic, and automatic — so they know more than a few ways to keep them in pristine condition. 

Here are a few maintenance tips that will have you running smoothly and help to avoid any unnecessary transmission repairs:

  • Regularly Check Transmission Fluid: Transmission problems often begin with the fluid,    which   can degrade in quality over time thanks to factors like friction and heat. If the internal components aren't properly lubricated, you're going to find yourself in a jam. It's important to check transmission fluid regularly, and always change it when necessary. 
  • Avoid Overloading Your Vehicle: ​Whether you tow on a regular basis or simply tend to pack your vehicle with a lot of heavy items, overloading can be rough on your transmission. If you can't lighten the load but want to lessen the damage, consider installing an auxiliary cooler to protect your transmission from excess heat. 
  • Adjust Your Driving Habits: Your own driving habits can wreak havoc on your transmission system as well. Shifting in and out of park before coming to a complete stop, for instance, can cause significant damage. You should also get in the habit of using your parking brake when stopped on an incline, as this will reduce stress on the parking pawl and linkage. 

Following these tips and taking the proper precautionary measures should ease some of the pressure off your transmission. If you do find yourself in need of transmission repairs, be sure to choose the professionals at Transmission Hero, click here to scheduled an appointment today. 

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