What Are the Signs of a Failing Alternator?

Your alternator is an integral part of your vehicle’s electrical system. It recharges your battery when your vehicle engine is running. It also supplies a sufficient amount of power to all the other electrical accessories in your vehicle.


So, what happens if it stops working?

When your alternator is on its way out, your car likely won’t start soon after. This is because the battery will die from using up all its energy. However, one of the first signs you may experience is a failure of your electrical accessories, like windshield wipers, lights, power windows, and more. 


Please take your car to Transmission Hero for alternator repairs when you experience one or more of the following signs:

  • Warning Lights on Dashboard - A common symptom that your alternator may be dying is if you see the electrical warning light pop up on your dash. This can be shown as a battery symbol or the letters “ALT” if your car is specific.
  • Problems Starting Engine - We’ve all heard the sound of a struggling car engine before. You might hear a clicking sound as your engine has difficulty turning over.
  • Stalling - When the alternator isn't providing enough power to keep the engine on, you may stall out.
  • Unusual Sounds from Under the Hood - Squeals or rattling can indicate there is something wrong with the alternator or the belt next to it.
  • Strange Smells - A burnt rubber odor usually signifies that the alternator belt is slipping or shifted in the wrong way. You should have your alternator checked out as well as it could’ve damaged surrounding areas.
  • Electrical Failures - If your headlights are flickering or the radio sounds fuzzy, please have your electrical system inspected.

If you suspect that your alternator or alternator belt is failing, please call or visit the auto experts at Transmission Hero soon. Our team performs thorough inspections and precise repairs.

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