What is a Car Radiator?

The radiator in your vehicle is responsible for keeping your car's engine cool, regardless of if the weather is hot or cold outside. Keeping your radiator working properly will ensure that your engine stays in top condition and that your vehicle is safe to drive.

How Does A Radiator Work?

The short version is that the radiator keeps your engine cool. But, there is a more thorough answer. Coolant is used in your vehicle to aid in the cooling process. This coolant is circulated through the engine, engine's cylinder, and radiator to help absorb any excess heat being produced by your car or from the weather.

How coolant reaches the engine, engine's cylinder and the radiator are via radiator hoses. Once the coolant reaches the radiator, it returns to the engine through these hoses to ensure it can maintain the perfect temperature.

This process the coolant goes through helps your car from overheating and causing even more damage to other parts of your car, such as your engine. Monitoring your coolant levels can help keep your radiator working at its full ability. If you notice that your coolant levels aren't where they should be, you'll want to add more as soon as possible to keep everything running smoothly.

The most common way people find out that their radiator isn't performing at 100% is when their car overheats. If you notice that your radiator isn't functioning well, getting it repaired sooner rather than later is key.

Preventative Measures

While it's hard to determine when your radiator or the radiator hoses will fail, there are things you can do to help prevent them from falling.

The radiator hoses are made with a rubber material. Therefore, they tend to break down over time due to the chemicals and high temperatures.

We recommend replacing the radiator hoses on your car every three years or every 36,000 miles. If you reach more than 50,000 miles without replacing the hoses, it's likely that the radiator will fail soon.

If you need a radiator or radiator hose repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop today!


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