What Does A Catalytic Converter Do?

Having a car is a great achievement for many, but there are quite a few that don't really know about the car in detail as many would think. There are some parts that many don't know about, or wouldn't think about until something happens to it or if it is taken away from your vehicle. While many may have heard of the catalytic converter, you may not know what it really is.

A catalytic converter is a part that can be found in the background that uses chemical reactions to clean harmful gasses that come from your car's exhaust emissions. Things that will generally be seen as harmful when it comes to your car's exhaust are gases that include nitric oxide, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and even nitrogen dioxide. There are other substances that will need to be changed that are not as harmful but can still be an issue, like water vapor and even carbon dioxide that can come from chemical reactions from your vehicle.

The inside of your catalytic converter is generally filled with a structure that is like that of a honeycomb. To that a coating is applied that has a catalyst or a particular substance that creates a reaction with the gasses from the exhaust; this is what changes the chemical structure of the gasses.

What may be unknown is that catalytic converters need to work at high temperatures that can be up to 400 degrees that are here to maximize the efficiency of the catalytic converter.

In a lot of vehicles today, the catalytic converter is found under your car near the exhaust outlet. Being in this position allows it to be accessible to thieves; they can cut the whole unit out from underneath the vehicle, which is generally done so they can be sold.

The catalytic converter is essential to your vehicle; it goes without saying that you need it for your vehicle to work properly and efficiently. There are all types of systems and types of catalytic converters depending on your car. It is important to know what you can about your vehicle, and this is essential information.

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