What is the Difference Between a Conventional, Semi-Synthetic and Synthetic Oil Change?

There are three main types of engine oil to consider when completing an oil change on your car, conventional, synthetic and semi-synthetic oil. Each type has its benefits and drawbacks which you will need to consider.

Conventional Oil

Conventional or mineral oil is a natural oil that has been extracted from the ground. It is the least refined of the three types. Conventional oil is the cheapest, due to there being less refining.

It will need to be changed more frequently than synthetic oils and is suitable for engines with a simple design and people with standard driving habits.

Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil is man-made and specifically designed to achieve the best performance for your car. It is the most expensive oil for engines as it is completely man-made.

As the oil is subject to tightly controlled manufacturing, it is much more consistent than conventional oil. This refinement makes them much better for your engine. They also work better across a wide range of temperature extremes.

It is prudent to note that there is no global standard for grading synthetic oils, each manufacturer has its proprietary mix.

Synthetic oil will need to be changed less than conventional oil.

Semi-Synthetic Oil

Semi-synthetic oils are a blend of fully synthetic and conventional oils. This oil is priced in between natural and man-made oils, but still gives many of the benefits of a full synthetic oil.

As you would expect, semi-synthetic oils last longer than conventional oils, but not as long as fully synthetic oils.

All types have additives to improve performance. Typical additives include anti-wear, anti-foaming and supplements to improve viscosity.

The decision on which oil to use will be reliant on how much you want to spend compared to the performance you require. While synthetic oils are more expensive, they are much better for your engine, potentially saving money in the long run. If you need an oil change, bring your vehicle to Transmission Hero today. We will be happy to discuss what is the best oil for you.

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