What to Do When Your Engine Overheats

You know your engine is overheating if steam comes from the bonnet, the engine temperature gauge lights up, and the car gets a strange smell. In this situation, you have a few minutes to react and prevent your engine from getting irreparable damage that could cost you thousands of dollars. Being prepared whenever your engine overheats is the best way to avoid damaging the engine when it overheats. Here are a few things you should do when your engine overheats.

1. Pull Over

It is impossible to drive with a plume of steam covering the windscreen, making it impossible to see the road ahead. The best cause of action is to pull over in a safe spot and cut off the engine. If your bonnet is not producing steam, but the engine light is on, it is still advisable to pull over. Do not pop the hood immediately because it will undoubtedly be hot and cause burns.

2. Add Coolant

If, after 15 minutes, the engine light is still on, try adding a coolant to the radiator to speed up the cooling process. Put on gloves and use a towel to slowly push down on the radiator cap to open the radiator. Do this slowly to release pressure inside the radiator caused by the heat.

3. Drive To The Service Station

If your car can start, go ahead and find the nearest auto repair shop and head there. You will need a professional to inspect the vehicle, find out what caused the engine to overheat, and fix it so it does not happen again.
The best way to prepare for engine overheating is to make sure your radiator has enough coolant by refilling regularly. Any coolant leaks should also be fixed fast. If your car needs engine repair, we welcome you to our auto repair shop for reliable and trustworthy services.


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