Wheel Alignment or Tire Balance, Which Do You Need?

You might have noticed that your wheels are underperforming or wearing out a lot quicker, but you cannot quite state the issue. You might need to get an alignment or balancing done. In case you want to understand the situation better, here is some helpful information.

What is wheel alignment?

A wheel alignment is a procedure that alters the inclinations of the tires on your car so that they all cooperate in straightaways and turns. Your wheels may go a bit out of sync with one another during routine driving and even more so if you run into a few potholes or curbs.
Your wheels are effectively scuffing on the ground as you move when one or more of your wheels aren't pointed in the same direction. This can result in accelerated tire wear, tugging to one side or another, an off-center steering wheel, and reduced fuel efficiency. It's a wise idea to have your alignments adjusted twice a year.

Signs you need a wheel alignment

• Your car pulls or drifts to the left or right
• A strange yank to the left or right when you're on a straight, level road
• Your steering wheel is trembling, you notice
• Although you are traveling straight, your steering wheel is not in the middle
• Feathering happens when smooth sides contrast with sharp edges or scratching over the tread of your tires
• One-sided shoulder wear occurs when one side of your tire starts to deteriorate more quickly than the tire as a whole

How does tire balance work?

The distribution of load between the wheels on your automobile or the wheels as a whole, along with the rim on which they are placed, is referred to as wheel balance. Uncomfortable driving conditions, such as your steering wheel rocking back and forth, can be brought on by instability in the tires. It can be challenging to keep your car under complete control. The wheels on your car will eventually become loose, however, tire balance services will correct this imbalance. In general, tire balancing is done every 5,000 to 6,000 miles or every six months.

Signs you need a wheel balancing

• Vibrations caused by an unbalanced wheel are louder as the car accelerates
• The issue is most probably in one of the front wheels if you can largely feel the shaking in the steering column
• The issue is likely in the back if the tremor is primarily felt in the seat
• Asymmetrical distribution of tread wear
• Stress patterns on an unbalanced tire may be curved or scalloped

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