Why Should I Choose a Local Auto Repair Shop Over The Dealership For Repairs and Service?

There are several reasons why most customers may opt for service at a local mechanic over the dealership. With dealerships, you run the risk of having several different people working on your car every time, and the chances are pretty good that most of them may lack knowledge of specific brands. Although the service is faster, you may not get the quality or price you're looking for, nor would you meet a technician whom you would know and trust.

One thing to think about is the price. The cost of maintenance and repairs that are done at a dealership average around $300 more than what you would pay at a local mechanic. This is the reason why most dealerships typically coerce customers into paying for an extended warranty contract that lasts for a period of two years or more, and that puts more financial strain on your wallet than a simple visit to the local mechanic.

Another good argument is location, location. Most people buy vehicles from dealerships that are so far away that they might be located in another town or even a different state, for that matter. In fact, this is another reason to consider looking for a local auto repair shop. Some may be so close that they are within walking distance of your home, and this helps in extreme cases where your car may need to get towed in.

Another reason for choosing a local mechanic is reputation. Knowing who to trust is vital to both you and the life of your vehicle. Any place that has consistently good ratings and excellent customer reviews should be the first place to consider for repairs. You can also get a good idea as to the quality of staff that you might meet so you can know what to expect, and the odds are great that there will be a professional there who has specific knowledge regarding the make, model, and year of your car.

Cars are like any other machine in that they can break down at any given time. So when something happens, there's no need to panic. Simply give us a call today or book your spot online. The rest is done for you.

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