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How to Identify Different Car Fluid Leaks

How to Identify Different Car Fluid Leaks

Your car contains different fluids that all serve an important function. Most of the fluids are necessary to ensure optimal performance. When you catch an unusual fluid under your parked vehicle, it can send you frantic.    While vehicle fluids should not leak, most of you will probably experience this at one point. When it does, you may be curious to see where it is coming from. Since vehicle fluids can vary in color, smell, and texture, you may be able to make an educated guess on which one it is.   Types of Car Fluid Leaks Oil Leak - Motor oil leaks are quite common for many vehicle owners, and it is one of the easiest to catch. If you see a dark-colored, almost black, stain or puddle under your car, it is usually a sign of an oil leak. Oil can leak due to faulty gaskets, but it is important that you have an expert check to be sure. Gear Oil Leak - This is widely known for those with manual transmissions. This fluid is viscous and leaks slowly. Sometimes, it may ... read more

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